Eucalyptus & Green clay - For greasy hair



Product description

Natuurlijke shampoo vet haar | Eucalyptus & Groene klei | 450ml

Natuurlijke shampoo vet haar | Eucalyptus & Groene klei

Instruction video

Olijfolie (Sodium olivat), Kokosolie (Sodium cocoate), Cetylalcohol (Cetylalcohol), Betaine HX (Cocoamidepropyl betain aqua), Cocoglucoside (Cocoglucoside aqua), Glycerine (Glycerin), Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus leaf oil), Teatree (Melaleuca alternafolia leaf oil), Jeneverbes (Juniperus communis fruit oil), Rijstolie (Oryza sativa bran oil), Arganolie (Argania spinosa oil), Groene klei (Illite).

How to prepare your shampoo

Marley’s shampoo is a new product and this needs some explanation: The Marley’s bag is filled with 50 grams of natural shampoo flakes, this will dissolve into 450ml liquid shampoo.

We would suggest you, to make the shampoo the night before you would like to use it

This is how you prepare your own Marley's shampoo
Step 1: Fill your Marley’s bag with 400 milliliters of boiled water and stir.
Step 2: Leave it for about 30 minutes until the flakes have dissolved and the shampoo has cooled down a bit. Then pour it into the Marley’s bottle.
Step 3: Put the bottle (without the pump) in the fridge overnight (at least 8 hours) and time wil do the rest.
Step 4: The next morning, turn the pump back onto the bottle, shake it and your shampoo is ready to use. 

Help us with our vision and fight against single use plastic. Pour the shampoo over into your Marley’s bottle or in a reusable bottle you would prefer. Emptied your shampoo? Refill the bottle with new Marley’s shampoo flakes.

Marley’s is a natural shampoo, this means that the structure of the shampoo can differentiate. It can be a bit thicker or thinner than you are used to. This doesn’t matter at all. The working substance of the shampoo will do its job. When the shampoo is too thick, just add some drops of shower water, shake the bottle and it’s ready to go!

Nowadays your hair and scalp are used to the regular shampoos with all the chemical ingredients. When you start using Marley’s your has to get adjusted to the different ingredients. This is normal, but you will find out quickly enough that your hair is going to be clean, healthy and shiny.

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